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By | April 14, 2017

how to make money blogging



So you finally want to join the blogging community and learn to make money blogging. Well by reading this article you’ll have taken the biggest step to starting a blog that can create an income for you and your family.

You Can click this link or the image above to get a very simple and complete
system to start a blog and making money with it Today.

I have been blogging as another source of online income for the past 2
years now.I know of and have read about many starting a blog and never
having to worry about another 9-5 again.

The idea of this was so appealing to me that i felt the immediate
need to start blogging and not to leave one more dollar on
the table.

Not to mention, blogging itself can be really fun.

You can air out your concerns, talk about events in your life, help
others find solutions,.. and so much more.


How Do I Get Started Blogging?
This can be as simple as getting some cheap Hosting and wordpress and using
a free template that wordpress provides.


The way i got started {and pretty much the lazy way (-;

is to head over to Fiverr: click image below.

There you can have everything done for you from
Hosting to getting your blog template and even
getting content written to post on your blog.

I use Fiverr for so many things.

It’s a true life saver when you simply need
to get things done fast.


You will soon find out how easy it is to MONETIZE your Blog


Mainly, write about what you love or your hobbies or your Business.

When you are ready to make money from your blog
simply find affiliate programs that align with what
your topic is about.


Google Search: Topic + affiliate programs


and simply apply for the ones you like.

There are so many NICHES available to create a blog around…

home based business

Need some more help finding what people are after
simply go to “Google Trends” as this may lend
a hand.


and i could go on forever… if you come across an idea that interests
you, I’m sure there is a niche and a demand for more information.



It’s very important to make a blog post when a crafty idea comes
your way. You really want to Catch the moment the best way
possible; make these blog posts regularly.


I know people who make $5k to $40K per month

simply by blogging regularly and monetizing their
Blog posts…

When you begin to make money blogging, then you are truly embracing what is
known as  the “Laptop Life Style“.


A huge recommendation is to have a look at my friend
Shreya Banergee’s course,

Affiliate Blogging Ninja

due to its simplicity and over the shoulder
videos, You will be Blogging and monetizing
within a couple weeks or so.

The main thing with Blogging and monetizing is continue to
think outside of the box.
Who is your target reader?
What do they want to learn about next and
how can you provide that?


also, capture the emails of those who come across your
blog as this is an extraordinary way to profits.

You can simply search for a free plugin from WordPress
.. in their search enter “optin form”

and you will see many free ones. Most will provide an autoresponder
so you can continually message your newsletter.


Here is Another great resource that i just read over and shows
how to make your blog explode..
including the use of VIRAL posts..

read that here:

Happy blogging ! 🙂





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