Trivita – Wealth through Health

As many know, in the “Make Money Online” space there

are many scams and empty promises.  I about threw in the towel until one day I came

across a gentleman on Linked-in who I will never forget
and owe a huge debt of gratitude.  His name is Fred
Gondzar and his past story mirrored what i was going
through at that very time.

Fred was also in need of a drastic change in his life, and
he basically analyzed and/or tried about every
business opportunity that he could find. They all failed
him and he essentially,  threw in the towel.
Just as he was about to find another job or way to
bring in some income, a friend of his told him about
the Trivita opportunity.

Fred listened with a very reluctant ear but went on
to hear his friend out.
The business model sounded very appealing so Fred
did what most people would and started to look up
reviews about the company.


Here is a pic of Fred.

Fred was perplexed as he couldn’t find one negative
review and the business actually backed up every
one of it’s claims and had been successful for everyone
that put in some honest effort.

Some 11 years later, Fred is one of the company’s top
earners and he will never need to search out
a way to another financial solution again.

He introduced me to the business and brought
back my belief in true Entrepreneurship and how
every home business opportunity is not always a scam.

I immediately was captivated by Trivita’s business model.

It’s the only business model i have ever examined that provides
paying customers to its members and ethically remains strong
easily complying with all FTC regulations. I was most amazed
at the media outreach they used to attract life long customers
who are seeking out a healthier way of life.


The company “Trivita” has brought my focus away
from all the other “here today, gone tomorrow”
type opportunities because it provides everything most home businesses
cannot including: a fail proof business model, successful
team leadership and un-matched health and wellness
products that can take one’s health to new heights.


Here is our latest Product “Myohealth” which actually builds
muscle without having to workout!

This product comes in capsule and powder form.


If you want a piece of this abundant lifestyle and are
sick and tired of the empty promises out there,
simply contact me and I will use my 8+ years
of internet marketing experience and get you
on your path to success.


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